Linda Michaels' Do No Harm Dog Training Foundations pdf

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The Linda Michaels' Do No Harm Dog Training and Behavior Manual was designed as my own personal guide for teaching basic manners classes, and evolved into a reference manual for my private behavior consultations. Created as a practical guide for either or both training formats, it is also helpful for pet parents who want an inside look at dog training and behavior, as well as for those who seek force-free solutions for specific problems. Scroll down to view the complete Table of Contents.

Written with love for the "heartbeats at our feet". 

Linda Michaels, M.A., creator of the Hierarchy of Dog Needs®, was recently rated one of the top ten dog trainers in the United States, by Top Ten Magazine. Linda holds a master’s degree in Experimental Psychology (With Honors) and conducted laboratory research in behavioral neurobiology, earning the University Scholar Award from the Psychology Department of San Diego State University. Linda’s unique combination of scientific training and hands-on experience with dogs and wolfdogs creates a bridge between the worlds of research, dog trainers and pet parents.

92 pages.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Before You Get a Dog and Begin Training

• How to Find a Dog That Fits Your Lifestyle 

• How to Find a Good Dog Trainer 

• Training Supplies 

Chapter 2 Do No Harm™ Standards and Practices

• Laying the Groundwork for Do No Harm™ Force-free Training .

• Hierarchy of Dog Needs™ Guide and How to Use It 

• Grazing Games 

• Housetraining 

• Socialization 

• Vaccinations and Socialization 

• Dog Park and Dog Beach 

• Dog Body Language 

• Separation Anxiety Prevention 

• Resource Guarding Prevention 

• Clicker Training Foundations 

Chapter 3 Good Manners and Impulse Control

• Greeting You and Visitors 

• At the Veterinarian and Groomer 

• Chew This, Not That 

• Puppy No Bite! Mouthing 

• No Jump 

• Settle Down 

Chapter 4 Basic Training

• Name Response: Come Basics 

• “Come” Long Distance 

• Sit 

• Down 

• Wait/Stay 

• Leash-Walking Equipment 

• Leash-Walking Skills 

• Treat Dependence Prevention: Five Techniques 

Chapter 5 When Things Go Wrong

• Barking, Barking, Barking 

• Fear and Socialization 

• Separation Anxiety Therapy 

• Recognizing the Need for Help 

• Dog/Dog and Human Aggression Basics

• Dog-Dog Aggression Therapy 

• Realistic Expectations

• Desensitization and Counter-conditioning Techniques

• Human Aggression Therapy 

References, Resources and Supplies 

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Linda Michaels' Do No Harm Dog Training Foundations pdf

78 ratings
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